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Helipad Retrieval Trolley

Purpose designed and built to achieve; ease of transfer, overcoming difficult terrain, ramps and all types of walkways to and from the heliport.

The MotorDrive system can be raised or lowered with the push of a button to enhance mobility in tight or confined spaces.

The high/low actuators give the bed 400mm of movement, which when tested by Air Ambulance N.S.W. allowed for direct patient transfer from helicopter to trolley. Drop away side rails and a removable end rail allows for unrestricted access to the patient and/or trolley surface.


- Custom Built Options Available
- Heavy Duty 24V Trans-axle MotorDrive System
- Height Adjustment Range 640-1040mm
- 300kg Weight Capacity
- High Impact Polymer Top Surface
- IV Pole
- Accessory Tray

With the addition of a stainless steel removable top and a full length cover, this trolley can easily adapt to your concealment trolley requirements.

Helipad Concealment Trolley

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